Unable to get any contact with Cloudflare to review a phishing flag

Since 18 march 2023 I have had my website mistakenly flagged as a phishing website.This issue was resolved very quickly by Netcraft, AWS and in browsers. The problem is i keep getting reflagged in the browsers because cloudflare will not review and remove the phishing flag.
I have asked cloudlare to review the issue on the dashboard and I have sent several requests to the support team and they just redirect me to trust & safety team, where i have also sent several request to review the issue. To even begin to take any contact with cloudflare i had to upgrade the support plan and this is very expensive, because i have been paying for over five months now.
Still NOTHING, NO ANSWER. How am I supposed to get the issue reviewed and removed?
Cloudflare does not seem to be able to resolve this in any reasonable time, as i said its been 5 months and my site is suffering alot.
This is my last resort to get any answers, otherwise I only see the possibility to buy a different domain and try to redirect everyone? Is this really how an issue like this should be handled?

Purchasing a paid plan does not change anything in the situation you have described. It is not necessary and will not change the time to resolution.

The Community has no line of communication with Cloudflare Trust and Safety. Only they can assist you in this matter. You should have received a message that informed you of the content that drove the action. Make sure you have addressed anything in that notice.

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Thanks for the response!

Ok, then I will remove the support plan.

I have always attached the relevant links to the Trust & safety team, where it is in clear text that the issue is resolved from Netcraft.

The issue still remains that the Trust & Safety will not respond back to me at all.

My conclusion is to just move to a different dns provider. If this is how Cloudflares handles what should be a very simple issue, the level of support is beneath what I deem acceptable.

You certainly can do that. You can also simply disable the Cloudflare proxy by setting the record to :grey: DNS Only.

No one in the Community can know the complexity of the situation, nor are we able to see it from Cloudflare’s perspective. That limits the efficacy of discussing Trust and Safety matters here.

Have you looked at your domain on Cloudflare Radar?

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