Unable to find correct IP address to fix Error 1000

Not a tech-savvy person. Switched over to Gmail today, and had to reset Nameservers. Didn’t realize this would change anything, but received an Error 1000 when trying to get onto my website. Instructional video says I need to replace IPs with my server IP, but I’m not sure which ones to replace and where to find my server IP. Need to get my website up ASAP. Help?

hi @jason29 just seeing this now, were you able to resolve? Your hosting provider can tell you the ip address of your server, that should go into the A (address) record on the DNS app of the cloudflare dashboard. There are a lot of #tutorials on how to update DNS records. What is the domain? Sorry for the pain.

Is this comment reset to cloudflare or reset away from cloudflare, btw?

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