Unable to exit 'I'm Under Attack!' mode

Unable to exit ‘I’m Under Attack!’ mode
I have already set the level to high in the rules, but when accessing the website, the message ‘www.xxx.cc’ still appears, ‘Your connection security needs to be checked first.’“

What is the site?

Can I send it to you via private chat? Because this is not my site

OK, so you are visiting a site that has under attack mode active and you’re not able to reach the domain? If so, we cannot assist a lot as that is a setting made by the site owner. If it is the case, you could try incognito mode and/or a mobile to see if that helps. Otherwise, share more details and we can try to help.

It’s not like that. The website belongs to a friend of mine who used to seek help from me due to constant attacks. Now the attack has stopped, but I’m unable to close ‘I’m Under Attack!’ Mode

By the way, how should I have a private conversation with you? I don’t seem to have found a place to have a private conversation with you

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Hi, I needed to kick off that conversation, you have a private message :email: to which you can reply privately with details.

Does that mean you continue to be challenged when visiting the site?

High means High: Challenges all visitors that have exhibited threatening behavior within the last 14 days.

Try clearing cache, a different browser, incognito mode, or a mobile device to see if you have different results. Let us know if that helps.

You can have your friend add you to the site as a member so that you can interact with Support on their behalf. If you do that, please share the ticket number here so that we can track it.

View and add/delete members here

Create a ticket here

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Okay, thank you very much

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