Unable to establish secure connection to: ispkala.ir on port 443

Hello and good time, there is a connection problem in Cloudflare in Nitropack WordPress plugin, which is a cdn, how can I fix the problem?



Thank you for asking.

As far as there is no output shown to your which kind of error is the NitroPack interface getting, I suspect it’s a 403 or something else from Cloudflare’s Bot Fight Mode feature, if so, or any other security related if you’re using some custom-made Firewall Rules :thinking:

Kindly, may I ask you to navigate and double-check the CF dashboard → WAF for any Firewall Events if they show if the NitroPack request is being challenged or blocked a minute or two after you click the button to confirm those changes at NitriPack interface? :thinking:

Furthermore, I believe the article from below could help you with correct way using the step-by-step instructions how to setup NitroPack with Cloudflare for your domain:

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