Unable to enroll warp for teams

I am unable to register the warp device in my Cloudflare teams. Screenshot below :-

I was able to carry out the same in my other systems , however I get this error now in the current system. I tried accessing the same webpage in other systems as well, and the same error appears there.

I am using Linux across all systems with warp-cli version 2022.3.253 installed as part of them.

I am unable to determine the root cause of the same as there is no explicit error message. Any help is appreciated !!

The culprit was the below screenshot :-

I had no rules set as part of device enrollment. I just checked and tried adding a rule and then deleted it and got the above message.

So Settings > Device > Device enrollment permissions should have some rules for it to be accessible by the devices.

That was a miss from my end. Thought of posting the solution in case any one finds it helpful !!

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