Unable to "Enable Universal SSL"

When trying to enable Universal SSL
Cloudflare gave me error
“Internal error encountered while processing change (Code: 1005)”

The reason why I had it disabled was that I tryied to debug another message
When added new .info domain
there was a note against @ proxied record “This hostname is not covered by a certificate.”

So I tried to troubleshoot by disabling Universal SSL.
And now I cannot enable it back.

Please help to set up new proxied domain on Cloudflare. Looks like I cannot do that with disabled Universal SSL

From what I can see, you disabled Universal SSL before your domain was active on Cloudflare (when Cloudflare detects you have switched your domain nameservers to us). You enabled it shortly after, and then it took a few minutes to issue the certiticate.

So everything should be fine with your SSL right now. The error you saw was possibly because you were trying to toggle Universal SSL to enabled when you had already done this previously - e.g. the UI and API were not in-sync - if multiple people were making changes in your account at the same time, this might happen.

In any case, for future reference - always keep Universal SSL enabled and wait for your domain to become active before troubleshooting it. SSL cannot issue until the domain is active on our nameservers and we detect that change - once we do, the SSL will automatically provision for you - there is no need to toggle anything.

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