Unable to Enable access policy for Cloudflare Page


I found out there’s a problem with the Cloudflare Page. Every time when I try to “Enable access policy” for a page, an error pops up saying that

“access.api.error.invalid_request: app type is missing or invalid (Code: 12130)”.

I guess this is not an isolated case but a universal problem because I tried using different accounts to enable the access policy feature but all accounts also fail to enable the access policy.

The steps have been made to deploy a page:

  1. Create a project on the Pages site
  2. Connect to GitHub
  3. Select a repository from GitHub
  4. Specify my Root directory path to “docs”
  5. Save and deploy

I would also like to add that I already took a look at the “Enabling Access on your *.pages.dev domain” on the Known issues page

The solution doesn’t help at all.


We have a fix for this ready, it should be out soon :slight_smile:

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I see but I guess it will be great if there is an announcement on the issue on the Known Issues Page or somewhere else because I have spent hours digging into this issue.

We are also seeing this issue. Is there any update for this?

The fix for this is now live

Hi, I am getting the same message “access.api.error.invalid_request” when trying to add an email to an access group whitelist.

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