Unable To Embed Instagram Post's

Hello Team Cloudflare,

I am having Instagram Embeds issue on my site, when ever I am embedding Instagram post it’s showing sorry unable to embed, transfer to link. But when I have checked that Page through chrome inspection tool it’s showing the URL is returning from CLOUDFLARE as 404 error
please try to check on my screenshot, you will notice that the requested return 404 from Cloudflare server.

Thank You.


I’ve had a similiar issue with one of my sites. This doesn’t seem to be a Cloudflare problem, but a result of the way WordPress Embed block works and the URL it generates. Try using the Instagram block, not the general embed block, and providing an Instagram post URL copied from the Instagram sharer. Make sure you use Copy Link, not the Embed code:


Hello Floripare,

I have tried different different methods like general embed block, Instagram embed block & direct pasting URL to embed, but didn’t get any resolution than after I have contacted to my theme developer their team investigate & found this that the requested return 404 from Cloudflare server.
Infact I also have contacted to WordPress forum they also suggest me to check that page through chrome inspection tool.

Now how to short out this issue??
Twitter & YouTube is working fine than Why Cloudflare is blocking Instagram URL?


Just to make it clear: Cloudflare is NOT returning a 404, only passing on a 404 that your origin is returning. Cloudflare acts as a proxy (intermediary) between your site and its visitors. When your origin (hosting) server returns a 404, Cloudflare will pass that 404 on to the visitor, and you will see a server: Cloudflare header like the one on your OP screenshot.

Cloudflare does not proxy Instagram, but your origin. Because of the way WordPress embeds work, when a request to embed a URL is rejected by the URL server (in this case, Instagram’s), this will show as a 404 originating from your site (with the server: Cloudflare header).

In my tests with WordPress embed blocks, only when the URL is obtained from the Copy Link (not the Embed as in your screenshot) will Instagram accept the request and fulfill the embed.

If you tried using the URL that Instagram provides via the Copy Link from the ellipsis menu, and it didn’t work, you may want to check whether there’s any plugin interfering with your embeds. You can do so by using WordPress’s own Heath Check plugin, which offers a Troubleshooting mode where you can selectively deactivate plugins until you find where the problem is.

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