Unable to Edit my Website due to SSL

I used to be able to edit my website after getting Cloudflare SSL, but hadn’t done any editing for a while. I use DNN and it’s an old version. If I go to developer mode temporarily on Cloudflare might that enable me to edit. The alternative , which I was going to go for is pausing Cloudflare - but that carries some risk.
Not sure that developer mode will solve my editing problem. Basically, DNN does not allow editing on an https website, only http. Can anyone answer this question?

Are you saying your site did not work on SSL before? If so, then that’s the issue and why your site is not working. Your site needs to work fine on SSL befoe you use Cloudflare.

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Hi Sandro, My websites used to work and they are all up and running. They are all set up with Cloudflare and have been for some time. I was able to edit until recently regardless of SSL and https. But now although I can log in, when I try to edit the icon just whirls around.

Did it work on SSL before you used Cloudflare?

I don’t quite understand your question. I have only used SSL with Cloudflare. I’ve built several websites, but am not in any way expert. My websites are online and it goes straight to https The only problem is that it is no longer possible to edit them.

If you only have SSL on Cloudflare, then that is precisely the issue, your site is still insecure and you have a legacy mode on Cloudflare which is known for breaking sites. You need to fix this first and this should also fix the issue.


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