Unable to edit my application

Hello i have this weird error. I am unable to edit app and its policies.
I am getting error:

Error configuring your application: access.api.error.invalid_request: service_auth_401_redirect cannot be true when there is no service auth policy on app

I cant even delete the whole app and start over.

That’s an interesting bug, it looks like if you add a policy with the Service Auth action and turn on the 401 response, and then try to delete it later, the service_auth_401_redirect stays set and produces that issue.

To work around this, before you delete the service auth policy, configure it, change the action from Service Auth to anything else, and then back to Service Auth, so the “401 Response” option directly below the action should appear. Disable 401 Response, save the policy, delete the policy, and save the application. At that point, your application should be unbroken.

If you deleted the Service Auth policy via the API or some other way and it no longer exists, you should just have to create a Service Auth policy, turn off 401 response, and then save.

Let me know if that works for you.

Two strange bugs here, one being the service_auth_401_redirect staying set after service auth policy deletion, and also that if you edit an existing policy of Service Auth Action, the 401 response option does not appear until you switch the Action to something else and then back to Service Auth.

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Fortunately i was able somehow delete whole app and start over. I am not gonna try reproduce that bug since i am glad it works now. However the bug appeared when i started messing around with Service Auth policy and after that i was trying to change it back to Bypass for Everyone.