Unable to Download Cloudflare Top Domains Lists

I’m writing to report a technical issue regarding the downloadable Cloudflare top domains lists feature. I am not able to download CSV files at https://radar.cloudflare.com/domains Do you have the same problem?

I’m able to reproduce the problem - that’s clearly broken. Let m ask the team.

Have you tried downloading via the API? If so, do you have the same problem?

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, API is broken, too. My API token is valid, but I get “Unauthorized” error message.

This API Token is valid and active


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The team says that it was fixed this morning. Please confirm that you’re able to access the files.

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Thanks for your support, both the API and the CSV download links now work.

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Excellent, thanks for confirmation. And glad that you find the Radar data valuable!


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