Unable to Domain transfer bigrock to cloudflare


I am not able to transfer my domain to Cloudflare, I tried multiple times but didn’t successful.

This could be for a lot of reasons…

Make sure you have disabled WHOIS privacy at the Domain Register
Make sure you have not reenabled transfer lock etc

If everything is unlocked and good then its most likely a issue with the Register and Cloudflare not being able to initiate the transfer. Cloudflare support might be able to help you better.

But I already disabled WHOIS privacy on bigrock and also chat with support. They confirmed me for disabled all protections for domain.

After disabled domain protection I wait 8 hours but not success.

If you’ve checked with bigrock then I would contact Cloudflare support as we can’t tell what is causing the error.

I already checked with bigrock. They disabled all protection for domain.

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