Unable to disable email routing


I’m unable to compeltely disable the email routing, which I enabled by mistake. As you can see in the screenshot, the routing status show as enabled, althought the DNS records are not configured. How can I disable it? I suspect it is interfering with my emails as some of thema are not reaching their destination.

if the MX records are gone then it won’t affect or interfere with anything

have you checked MX records for your domain with a tool such as dig to make sure the Cloudflare MX records are not present? test using an actual DNS tool rather than just looking at your DNS dashboard, just to be certain. it’s a beta feature and there have been a lot of threads about weirdness.

Thank you. I’ve checked and indeed I don’t see Cloudflare MX records, although I do have a ‘DMARC Quarantine/Reject policy not enabled’ warning, as I disable that due to emails not being delivered / arriving in the past.

I’m in touch with my hosting provider and hopefully they’ll find out what’s going on.

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