Unable to deploy Astro JS SSR / __VUE_PROD_DEVTOOLS__


i keep getting an error while trying to deploy an Astro JS based SSR app. The error is:

Error: Failed to publish your Function. Got error: Uncaught ReferenceError: __VUE_PROD_DEVTOOLS__ is not defined
at functionsWorker-0.8207838473553242.js:2657:29

I already did some research and tried these two settings in the astro.config.js

vite: {
    define: {
      __VUE_PROD_DEVTOOLS__ : false,


vite: {
    define: {
      __VUE_PROD_DEVTOOLS__ : JSON.stringify(false),

with no success.

package.json looks like this:

  "name": "xxx",
  "type": "module",
  "version": "0.0.1",
  "private": true,
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "astro dev",
    "start": "node ./dist/server/entry.mjs",
    "build": "astro build",
    "preview": "astro preview",
    "astro": "astro"
  "dependencies": {
    "@astrojs/cloudflare": "^9.1.0",
    "@astrojs/tailwind": "^5.1.0",
    "@astrojs/vue": "^4.0.8",
    "astro": "^4.1.1",
    "astro-heroicons": "^2.1.1",
    "sass": "^1.69.7",
    "tailwindcss": "^3.4.1"

Any help or hints much appreciated.


I am encountering the same error this yesterday. Nothing works, did you found a solution?


i opened an issue on github and it seems to be closed/fixed with @astrojs/[email protected]. Not sure though as i wasn’t able to test it yet.