Unable to delete R2 bucket

Hi there,

I was deleting all objects from my R2 bucket yesterday using AWS CLI.
However, I’m still unable to delete the bucket completely.

The web frontend says “Bucket XYZ cannot be deleted because it isn’t empty.”

rclone purge r2:XYZ gets me:
2023/01/03 11:14:48 Failed to purge: BucketNotEmpty: The bucket you tried to delete (XYZ) is not empty (account xxyyzz).
status code: 409, request id: , host id:

I do not see any more objects, the web interface says “Your bucket is ready. Add files to get started.”
At the same time, it shows a bucket size of 72.26 GB. Metrics even shows an in increase of 72.26 GB to 615.01 GB (what I originally had in the bucket before I deleted everything) this morning.

Can anyone enlighten me what’s going on and how to get rid off the bucket?
Thank you very much!

Best regards,