Unable to delete project / Create deployment button not functioning

Issue 1: Unable to delete project in pages

Error message: “common.error”
Error code: 8000000
Expected result: delete project
Actual results: error message

Troubleshooting thus far:
a) Suspended GitHub repository permissions
(No effect)

b) Uninstalled Cloudflare pages on Github app
(No effect)

c) Longshot: Deleted domain from Cloudflare websites
(No effect)

Issue 2: Create deployment button does not function.
Error message: (none)
Error code: (none)
Expected result: deploy project
Actual result: nothing happens

Troubleshooting thus far:
a) Uninstalled Cloudflare pages on Github app AND reinstalled

(No effect)

I have reviewed general FAQs and used the forum search function and a much broader Google search to no luck.

Just received notification from support that the issue is internal and a fix is on the way.