Unable to delete pages project - error 8000000

Hi, trying to delete a pages project that is connected to a Github repo. Deleting because after changing permissions in Github, the project no longer tracks pushes to the origin and redeployments fail automatically. When trying to delete the pages project, I’m getting:
An unknown error occurred (Code: 8000000)
}, "status": 500, "body": { "result": null, "success": false, "errors": [ { "code": 8000000, "message": "An unknown error occurred" } ], "messages": [] },

Anyone encounter this or know how to solve it? Thanks!!

Any solution to this?

@sayselect did support ever update you with a fix?

Please stop posting all across the forum.

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As said by Sandro, please stop spamming.

What’s your account ID?

Sorry about that. Didn’t realize it was spamming, wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was. Genuinely wanted to know if they had solved the issue. Wasn’t going to assume that they would see this post and respond.

Account ID: d1ad4b32f2cb2849393ba8812fcbfe1e


sorry if I’m doing wrong by commenting here.

I’m facing the same issue, I can’t delete a Page project of a repo that I don’t hace access anymore…

I can ask for access again, also tried this, but still the same error…

can someone give a hint or lift a hand? Thanks in advance