Unable to delete Page with Github integration(not solved by old post)

Hi, I’m getting (Code: 8000000) while deleting one of the projects on my Pages. It might be because I revoked permission in Github Application before attempting the delete.

What I do:
Step 1: Connect my Cloudflare page to this github repository GitHub - kskbconfig/KSKB-IX
Step 2: I want to transfer my repo to another organization GitHub - kskbconfig/KSKB-IX
Step 3: Due to this transfer, I found my Cloudflare page was broken.
Step 4: Create a new Cloudflare page connect to the new URL of my repo GitHub - kskbconfig/KSKB-IX
Step 5: Delete old Cloudflare page, and I got this error: An unknown error occured. Contact your account team or Cloudflare support: https://cfl.re/3WgEyrH. (Code: 8000000)

The page is https://kskb-ix.pages.dev
It’s not have been resolved by Unable to delete Page with Github integration - #5 by Walshy because I can’t delete it now(3/16/2023).

Hi @kusakabesi2018, sorry to hear about this issue.

I have opened ticket 2738601 on your behalf and escalated this issue to our Pages engineering team. If we hear back, we will update the ticket.