Unable to Delete Origin Load Balancer

This object is referenced by other objects, delete them first. (Code: 1005)

Ticket: 2604999

No health Monitor is attached
Need Help and Someone to look at ticket.
I have provided the Desired HAR file and screenshots

Do you have any other load balancers in your account? Possibly on other domains?

No load balancer made by me but it shows 1 of 20 Load Balancers Included in your plan

You can check in Manage Load Balancers it shows none.

I want to add I use to have Geo Steering But I had deleted all the settings before Deleting the Load balancer.
I did this since I dug through Load Balancer community topics and Previously someone had similar issue.

I have update the Ticket: 2604999
No response since 1 week. ( Currently i am on Pro Plan)

So you @thedaveCA you were spot ON.
After going through more domains I had Similar configuration and Did first delete the Custom traffic steering and then all got solved.

I ran into the same thing a couple weeks ago, turned out I had some load balancer stuff I added to another domain for testing something, probably a couple years ago, and just forgot about.

But now Iā€™m trying to get fancier with the load balancer so I wanted to start out by removing everything and starting fresh.

Glad you found it!

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Exactly Same this happened to me.
I did similar config on a testing domain year ago and had forgotten.

I had a fancy setup but going for a simpler one for now.

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