Unable to delete or abort-multipart-uploads for bucket

When attempting to delete my bucket using the UI, the error is:

Bucket all cannot be deleted because it isn’t empty.

I came across this community response, which recommended aborting any existing multipart uploads before attempting to delete the bucket.

I listed existing list-multipart-uploads and received the following response (values redacted by me).

% aws s3api list-multipart-uploads --bucket <bbb> --endpoint-url   https://<aaa>.r2.cloudflarestorage.com
    "Uploads": [
            "UploadId": "<xxx>",
            "Key": "<yyy>",
            "Initiated": "2022-12-06T17:17:19.987000+00:00",
            "StorageClass": "STANDARD",
            "Owner": {
                "DisplayName": "<aaa>",
                "ID": "<aaa>"
            "Initiator": {
                "ID": "<aaa>",
                "DisplayName": "<aaa>"

I attempted to abort the listed upload. The command exited successfully with exit code 0.

% aws s3api abort-multipart-upload --key '<yyy>' --upload-id '<xxx>' --bucket <bbb> --endpoint-url   https://<aaa>.r2.cloudflarestorage.com

However running the list-multipart-uploads command still shows the existing upload. The abort-multipart-upload command seems to have had no effect. I’ve tried it multiple times.

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