Unable to delete List, even when no Firewall Rules present


I wanted to update my custom List today, what I usually do is delete the Firewall Rule that uses that List, then I delete the List itself and re-upload a fresh copy. However, when I went to do that today, I noticed it said that “This rule is being used in 2 filter expressions and cannot be deleted.”
I went ahead and cleared all my Firewall Rules, but it seems Cloudflare still thinks I still have 1 filter that uses this List, which is not the case.

The Pop-Up is still there even though I have no Firewall Rules.

I even went as far as to check with the API, I made a request to check my filter list, and my account-wide filter list, but they’re both empty, and I also checked the List, it says that 1 filter is using it.
Could it be that the filter belongs to a domain that I have since removed?

I am unsure on how to proceed, maybe I am missing something

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