Unable to delete IP List - "cannot be deleted"

I searched and two other topics were created with the same issue, both were ignored.

My issue is exactly the same.
I had a list enable on some websites.
One of those websites was removed from Cloudflare.
I removed the firewall rules from all the others.
IP List still says its being used on one (as i understood, is still thinking the deleted website has them).
I tried re-adding said website to delete the rules, didn’t work as the rules didnt appear anymore.

Tried API, didn’t work aswell.

What to do in this case?
I don’t want to create another Cloudflare account as i have my domains on the registrar.

BUMP to avoid topic closing.

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I have tried using Cloudflare support, even before posting this topic.

Yet it seems I need an enterprise account to have any answer, as the person at the tickets merged both tickets (a week apart) but provided no answer.

It’s been a month and a half with this issue, I don’t see how I can fix it on my end, except just ditching Cloudflare altogether, something I don’t want as I like using it.

Has anyone experienced this issue before? If so, how do you solve it?

Unfortunately, as expected, I had no answer at all from the Cloudflare support teams (yes, I understand that support is tier based, but over a month and a half is…interesting. And tickets we’re seen as they were merged, so they were just ignored)

My last hope was that someone here who experienced this issue had managed to work around it, but I knew chances were low as this is not a common error.

I decided to move to a competitor as the IP list is a key feature I can’t replace.