Unable to delete default txt record from DNS

Hi All,

I am trying to add a txt record in my Domain : sjpanel.com to verify for Google Webmaster.
Even when I add the property in the DNS it is showing a hidden TXT record for sjpanel.com

I want to remove this record or maybe add my verification code before this so that I can verify my site at Google.

I looked up for this issue and found that this default TXT record is used by Cloudflare for internal usage.

How can I verify my site in this case?

You can have multiple TXT records at the root of your domain, that one is just used for CF to issue a SSL certificate.

Have you tried entering your verification TXT record already? If so, take a screenshot of the DNS dashboard and post it here and/or post your domain so we can look into it.


I just added a @ TXT record for the same and it appended with the existing record.
Thanks a lot