Unable to create new pages and posts on my Cloudfare-hosted website

Hello everyone,

I just started using Cloudflare to host my websites. Thus far, I have three websites hosted with Cloudflare (all of them are built using WordPress). I noticed of recent that I am unable to create new pages and new posts on any one of the three websites. Any time I try to create a new page/post, I see an entirely blank screen (I have attached a screenshot of this below). Please how can I resolve this issue? Thanks in advance.

Is your SSL setting in Cloudflare Full (strict)? https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/:zone/ssl-tls/

Please, I am not a technical person. How can I check and confirm this?

Click on the link in my previous post and select your domain. It takes you straight to the setting.

I just did. It’s currently set to Flexible. I should change it to Full(strict), right?

Hello. I just changed my SSL setting in Cloudflare to Full(Strict) but this is the error message being displayed on the front-end of my website

You will have to install an SSL certificate on your webserver.

You can get one following this tutorial:

Flexible is insecure and blocked by Wordpress for good reasons. You should only ever use Full (strict)

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Hello, my SSL/TLS encryption mode is now Full(strict). I have installed an SSL certificate on my webserver just as directed in the tutorial you sent. But still, I am unable to create new pages on my website.

Troubleshooting a WordPress white screen of death is out of scope for the Cloudflare Community. Try this :search: search for ideas.