Unable to create certbot/letsencrypt certificate for my domain. Multiple TXT records


I am unable to create certificates using the DNS Cloudflare validation on certbot/letsencrypt. I have a domain rosalyn.ovh from the OVH provided transferred to Cloudflare (changing the DNS servers). Everything works except asking for certificates using DNS validation.

From the cloudfare dashboard I can see that _acme-challenge TXT records are added correctly but letsencrypt complains that the Certified Authority cannot find them.

Digging further it seems as if there are multiple stale _acme-challenge TXT records on the domain (they do not appear in the dashboard) I can check them with: dig _acme-challenge.rosalyn.ovh TXT

How can I delete such records from my domain? Why are they not shown in the cloudfare dashboard?

Thanks in advance!

Any help? anyone? You can see all the stale TXT records of my domain:

I am out of ideas, created a ticket with Cloudflare support but still no answer.

Cloudflare hides the _acme TXT records for some reason,

What is your ticket number and I can escalate it


If you can escalate it that would be excellent, many thanks.

I have escalated it. You’ll hopefully hear back early next week

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Dear @Cyb3r-Jak3,

Just to let you now support was able to remove the stale TXT records and everything works again (could renew certificates). Many thanks for your help!


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