Unable to create a WWW CNAME for a R2 public bucket with custom domain

Hello, I have a public R2 bucket with a custom domain which is working fine. However, when I added a “www” CNAME record to point to my domain, it is giving a 1014 CNAME cross-user banned Error. How do I setup www.example.com to redirect to example.com ? Appreciate any suggestions or a documentation link. Thanks !

You have to add any custom domains you want, including subdomains, from the bucket’s custom domains tab. It looks like you just manually created the CNAME, won’t work.
Go to your bucket → settings → Connect domain → add your www subdomain (www.example.com)

If you just want a redirect from www to your apex (example.com), then you don’t need to do that, just follow this guide:
Redirecting www to domain apex · Cloudflare Pages docs

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