Unable to create a Cloudflare access Application to lock down a Cloudflare worker subdomain

So i’ve tried to implement an Okta / One time pin lock on my Cloudflare workers using
the Zero Trust → Access → Create app → Self-hosted.

I’ve put as a subdomain, one related to a worker, with a valid domain that is owned on the account,
Added the Okta IDP and One time pin, placed a policy rule name, and added CORS.

Now, according to the message/snackbar/popup, it seems to have “worked”, but I’ve tried yesterday, the app didn’t show up in my list, and it didn’t today either…


Finally it’s been resolved, the “Snackbar” doesn’t reflect on the actual response from the Server, when I opened the Console/Network Tab, I noticed it didn’t work correctly and with it an error code/reason