Unable to contract PRO plan


I had the Cloudfare PRO plan through a reseller. Recently, they discontinued the service. I noticed that my websites now show on the Cloudfare dashboard as being on the Free plan. However when I try to contract the PRO plan, I get the message:

“error code 1261: Zones controlled by reseller are ineligible for self-serve subscriptions.”

So we are stuck.

Additional notes:

  1. My DNS is controlled by the reseller/the website hosting (nameservers pointing to them), and they have added the following records:
    |cname|www.website.com. is an alias of www.website.com.cdn.cloudflare.net.
    |cname |cloudflare-resolve-to.website.com is an alias of website.com

  2. Trying to avoid any downtime

  3. Is it possible to keep the DNS with the hosting, or would we need to change the nameservers to Cloudfare?

Can someone guide me on the steps needed to contract the PRO plan directly from Cloudfare now?

Thanks in advance!

I would contact your reseller about the plan not showing as pro. They will be able to work with Cloudflare easier to see what the issue is.

Thanks for the reply. The reseller no longer offers Cloudfare – they discontinued the service so now I have to contract from Cloudfare directly… but that’s the problem I’m having

If the service provider you are using no longer offers Cloudflare, and you wish to continue using Cloudlfare, you will most likely need to move your domain into your own direct account from the previously created partner shell.

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