Unable to connect via WiFi using warp-cli on Fedora 34

On wifi, I am able to use warp-cli connect to connect the Warp VPN, but I am unable to resolve any DNS requests. I am not even able to ping or any other server either. When I open my browser, nothing loads.

The weird thing is that everything seems to be working when I have a wired ethernet connection. It is only when I switch to a WiFi connection that I am unable to connect using the Warp client.

I have just found a way to make Warp work on wifi. I have created a WireGuard profile via wgcf. Now, the WireGuard profile doesn’t seem to do anything, but if I enable then disable the WireGuard profile, warp-cli seems to connect automatically.

Here are the steps to reproduce this:

  1. Connect then disconnect warp-cli
  2. Enable the WireGuard profile using wg-quick up wgcf-profile.conf
  3. Check the status of warp-cli with warp-cli status (shows connecting)
  4. After the WireGuard profile successfully connects, disconnect it with wg-quick down wgcf-profile.conf
  5. Check the status of warp-cli with warp-cli status (shows connected)
  6. Verify the Warp connection using curl https://cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace (shows warp=plus)

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