Unable to connect via CMH - Columbus, OH

I’m trying to connect via the Cloudflare endpoint in Columbus Ohio - CMH.
I have multiple servers in ohio, but all off them connect to Chicago (ORD).

Is Columbus Ohio cached only/avaiable only on enterprise?
I have a RTT time of 10ms to the chicago and then sent back to Ohio.

Thanks for any advice.

Which datacenter you reach is generally controlled by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)'s routing and peering and not by Cloudflare. You can read more about this in our community tutorial.

Hi cloonan, thank you for the response.
I am aware, that the routing is not done by Cloudflare.

I think to specify the question, does anyone connect via CMH columbus?
I have literally tried every cloud provider there, none of them connect to CMH columbus, also on a list of datacenter locations of Cloudflare on feitsui, it hasn’t been updated for 2 years.

what is the purpose of the Cloudflare datacenter in ohio if none of the servers are connecting to it and either go via Virginia (Ashburn) or Chicago?

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