Unable to connect to Vaultpress

I have had Cloudflare for about a month and realized that Vaultpress backup isn’t connecting to my host (via FTP or SSH and I’m positive I have the right password). The message is always, “FAILED—Timeout while trying to connect to remote host”. Could this be because of Cloudflare? I am not “techy” so I have no idea what to do.

Does it connect via an IP address or a hostname,? i.e. via ip: or hostname: ftp.yourdomain.com or similar?

If it is via IP, it shouldn’t be caused by Cloudflare, however if it is via a hostname, make sure the DNS record you have for that in your Cloudflare dashboard is set to :grey:, not :orange: as Cloudflare can’t proxy FTP etc.

It’s through hostname. I checked the settings on the Cloudflare dashboard and FTP and SSH are greyed out.
Just don’t know what to do other than disable Cloudflare.

Would you be able to share the domain and hostname it connects via to help with troubleshooting?

From what I’m reading from someone else who had the same problem, looks like the problem is with Vaultpress. He eventually moved to Blogvault. Will keep pursuing the problem with Vaulptpress and if nothing transpires, I’ll get back to you. Many thanks!

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Great news! Vaultpress finally owned up to causing the problem. They fixed it and now I’m connected. Thank goodness!


Thanks for updating us, @JBC :slightly_smiling_face:

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