Unable to connect to server via some DNS resolutions

In the past two days I’ve had different clients raising issues connecting to resources (different applications). Our DNS servers in London are receiving and for the servers and we’re unable to connect.

At a different location we receive and in DNS for the same resource. These do connect successfully (and i’ve also tested telnet on 443 from London which is successful).

Do 188.114.96/97.15 belong to a resource that is no longer available? If so can we do something with DNS to stop the advertisements?

Those aren’t invalid addresses, though might not be correct for your hostname.

What’s the specific error?

The .0 connects?

I also suggest you look it up at DNSChecker.org to see if there are inconsistent results. It’s supposed to be global.

Thanks for the reply.

The odd thing is I’ve had the same issue for two different hostnames since yesterday that are resolving to the same IP addresses.

Getting a ERR_TIMED_OUT message back (The site can’t be reached).

Yeah .0 connects fine. Can also telnet successfully on port 443 to .0 but not the .15 addresses.

Having a look on DNS checker it seems the .15 IP addresses are present in the South Africa resolution. The rest of the results is a mixture of different IPs.

Cullinan, South Africa
Liquid Telecommunications Ltd

Also looks like 6 of the 10 results from the UK are giving the .15 IPs.

What’s the domain?

The same has happende to me these days, it happens to the domains linked to Cloudflare pages hosted at and
I’m requesting DNS from Italy (domainsinclude luca.gg, pugjs.org, belooo.ga.
They work from my phone

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