Unable to connect to my Cloudflare tunnel from Windows?

I set up Cloudflare and Zero Trust accounts, purchased a new DNS name from Cloudflare, downloaded and apparently installed Cloudflared on my Windows 11 server, defined a tunnel on the Zero Trust dashboard - but can’t figure out how to connect to my tunnel. The MSI installer didn’t seem to work so I eventually found an EXE (for an installer?) which sometimes opens a command prompt window that does noting when I try to interface with it.
I ran “Winget install Cloudflared” to see what it thought and it says it’s already installed, but I can’t seem to interface with it at all.

I want my Cloudflare DNS name to pipe http/https connections (on non-standard local ports) to my local web server - but given that I can’t even seem to connect my local Windows system to my Zero Trust tunnel at all - this hasn’t worked so far. Pretty much all the examples I’ve founf on YT gloss over how to actually interface with the tunnel connector on Windows - if they even mention Windows at all.

I thought about trying to re-install Cloudflared yet again, and see if I could find any way to "run this command in the (undefined) command prompt - but now because I already defined a Zero Trust tunnel on the web site - I can’t even figure out how to get back to those install instructions again.

My normal “programs” start button list doesn’t show Cloudflared in it at all. The Windows 11 search bar can find it, but aside from a window flickering up and instantly disappearing - running it provides nothing to interface with. If I re-run what I presume was my installer EXE (the MSI doesn’t seem to do anything at all - even after overruling my anti-virus’s objections) sometimes I get a command prompt window up - but it doesn’t react if I try to type into it at all.

So does anyone know how I can actually interface with the connector program or service that needs to run on my local Windows system - and then if that can be done, to connect it to my Cloudflare DNS name through a tunnel? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

I spent a few more hours and tried to set up my connector from the command line - which although got me to the point where the Zero Trust dashboard shows up as “healthy” but I stall can’t tunnel to my localhost web site from my Cloudflare DNS name. After I built the “yaml” and json files, I migrated the management back over the the Zero Trust dashboard - just so everything about the tunnel’s status would show up in one place. That went o.k., but even though the tunnel is healthy as long as I have cloudflared.exe running in a window - I still can’t connect to my DNS name at all.

This seems like a problem with the DNS records obviously. I had a CNAME record from my earlier attempts that seems to be pointing to a long ID string - a string that doesn’t seem to match up with any accout or id number I can find now in my json credentials file. Big problem with the DNS records are that I can’t give it my floating DHCP IP address and really want it to point to my tunnel instead. No clear guidance about how to do that since none of the long id strings I can find associated with my current tunnel are accepted when I try to update my web site’s Cloudflare DNS name.

One step forward (maybe), and two steps back… Wish a lot of the details were documented better… Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

Oh yeah, I ran into something else that didn’t make sense to me - even though it doesn’t seem related to my DNS name not connecting with my localhost web server…

I’ve only been able to get the Zero Trust tunnel connecting if I manually run the “cloudflared.exe” command in a window, with my config and credentials files. I saw that it could be installed as a Windows service, so I started trying to do that - but found that it was already running as a Window’s service - begging the question why I still need to fire it up manually in a command prompt window if the service is already running?

Again, any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated!

RESOLVED - finally got it by adding the “.cfargotunnel.com” suffix to the tunnel’s id in the DNS CNAME record for the site. Wish the web site’s dashboard would have displayed a little bit more help about exactly what needed to be in the target field when pointing to a tunnel - would have saved me a couple of days!

Still don’t understand why my tunnel connector is running as a Windows service that doesn’t appear to do anything, because I have to manually run cloudflared.exe with its parameter files in a separate command window to get the tunnel working. Best guess is that the Windows service isn’t finding the correct parameter files, so even though it may be running - it’s not working…