Unable to connect to ftp server

when I try to connect to filezilla I can not connect and when I entered my host, if I can login, with my username and password but I can not access filemanager I get the following error

I read something about connecting to the ip but I do not know how to do it


The problem is that I can not modify my web page

You are trying an IP address, but it might not be the correct IP address for FTP access.

Can you check your web host’s DNS listing for your domain to see if it has an FTP entry?

according to the red color message is do not respond, but I have another site that I can associate with my host, and from my cmd there would be some way of knowing it? I tell you that the ip for anda.today could be visualized I found it like this . At the beginning when Cloudflare was working I made some changes and I had no problems connecting to my filezilla or my file manager.
in the cpanel they give me a username and a password and an address to connect to filezilla

Is the address they give you an IP address, or is it a hostname?

If it is a hostname, is it a hostname in your domain?

Is ftpupload.net and the username and password

FTP times out on that IP address. You should ask your host about it, if they are having any issues or if any special configuration ist needed. Probably a different port than 21?

Is Ultimate Freehost Cloudflare partner? Your domain points to their nameservers.

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Hi, I have disabled Cloudflare from my cpanel, and since I could not activate it again, I deactivated it from the same Cloudflare and changed the dns for my host but I still can not connect to filezilla. But I’m not happy with that method. Can you connect filezilla or your manager to update your web page? How do you do it?

FTP should always work direct to the IP address. Contact your host to see about getting this working.

I can not contact them, they do not respond. Any way to solve this?

We can’t help if they are not responding.
As soon as you connect to their FTP via its IP you’re bypassing Cloudflare. (Though I doubt that this host is protected by Cloudflare at all)

This connection attempt fails so you need to wait for their response. Sorry.
Probably they have different response times based on plan levels. Give them some time.

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