Unable to connect to

I’m pretty new to this and just saw a video on the whole thingy so thought might as well try it out.
I followed the steps exactly and correctly changed my dns to and
I googled a bit and found that to check if its working properly I need to type in
So I did that, but on that page it showed that I wasn’t connected to and a bunch other no’s that I have no clue what are

The page told me to paste this link for reference in the forum

And another thing, I am connected to a vpn(ExpressVPN) so maybe that’s the problem, I really don’t know

here’s the link without vpn

Thanks for you’re help

Does it work with the VPN disabled?

yes, atleast I think so
here’s the link

In that case it will be the VPN and it most likely overrides the DNS settings. You probably need to configure this there additionally, but it’s best to clarify this with your VPN provider as they should have these details.

I see, I’ll ask their customer support then. Do I have to follow the same steps but for my VPN in the network settings ?

That’s exactly what your VPN provider needs to tell you.

thank you for you’re help

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