Unable to Connect - Happy Eyeballs Failure error

We have few reported devices including Windows and Mac facing below error which cause browsing/Connection issues and network interruption:

“Unable to Connect… Happy Eyeballs MITM Failure… Error: CF_HAPPY_EYEBALLS_MITM_FAILURE… Unable to establish WARP connection. Confirm if this device’s firewall allows WARP Ingress and/or UDP traffic.”

We tried to update to latest version of WARP and roll back to old versions with no luck, also we updated OS to latest and issue persist.

as a work around for now, we trying to forget network or disable/enable Wifi and toggle WARP reconnect/Connect. and wait for few minutes to grant connection back which is not consider a solution!!

Any one facing same error?

I also encountered this problem, have you solved it?

We have the same problem… any solution?

me too have any solution?

Probably this if you’re in the PRC: 从2024年6月6日开始,无法连接,一直显示为正在连接

the problem is still there, are we working on this issue? any update?