Unable to connect domain and poxmox server via Cloudflare tunnels

Hi, I have just registered a domain name (ibhomeserver.com) with Namecheap for my proxmox server. I completed the setup process from Cloudflare. However I am unable to get the domain name to link to the server.

I am using Cloudflare tunnel in order to point the domain to my zoraxy reverse proxy located at (The certificate is not working, but it is accessible). I have a privileged Cloudflared LXC setup and ran using the cli method.

tunnel: ...123
credentials-file: /root/.cloudflared/...123.json
    enabled: true

  - hostname: `zoraxy.ibhomeserver.com`
    service: [spoiler]``[/spoiler]
#  - hostname: `gitlab-ssh.widgetcorp.tech`
#    service: `ssh://localhost:22`
  - service: `http_status:404`

I am unsure as to what is missing from the my setup. when I try to access zoraxy.ibhomeserver.com, I get “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”. I know this is a DNS related issue, but that’s it I am not sure what I am meant to change in the DNS section in order to get it working. The only thing I can think of is the type a entry that was autocompleted. It auto pointed to an IP and I’m not sure what it is linked to. My understanding though is that it shouldn’t be a problem anyways because I am using Cloudflare tunnels.

I have also watched a few videos on YouTube trying to get this setup, and it seems like I am doing everything right, but still no dice. BTW not sure if showing my IP is a problem or not.


Sounds like a problem with DNS cache, because I don’t have that problem.

I see a Bad Gateway error instead. Is Cloudflared running on the same device as the application you are trying to connect to?

It’s not impossible, but 8000 is usually not an https port. Also, if Cloudflared is running on the same device as the application, use localhost instead of your local IP address.

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Ok, so i’m on another device now and I am now also getting the same bad gateway error. Also the c is from the old config I realized, it actually looks like now.
I have now gotten it to work after enabling noTLSVerify. And It seems to have been an issue with my previous device as it is still not working, even after trying in another browser, so I am unsure as to what the problem could’ve been. I’ve tried flushing the dns in windows but it still does not work on that device, which is weird.

But thank you for the help. I’ll try a restart on the other device and see if that fixes it. But at least I can continue setting up the server. Thanks again.

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