Unable to connect Cloudflare domain to third-party website builder, ''Ghost.io''

I need help connecting my domain to ghost, i did everything correct but still won’t verify the custom domain on ghost. io.

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To offer useful answers, we will need more details.


Hi there,

I’m trying to setup my domain with Ghost and could use some help creating DNS records. Could you please help me create these records?

Please let me know when this is done. Thank you for your help!

DNS here is pretty much like most places. To start, we’d recommend creating records as :grey: DNS Only. If there’s a record that’s not working for you, please post the full hostname and value of the record. Hostname can be in dot-notation, like example(dot)com.

Can someone hop on a zoom or phone call

Cloudflare is pretty much a self serve platform. Their documentation describes how to create DNS records and Ghost has a tutorial:


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