Unable to complete the nameserver setup for my eu domain

Hello, Cloudflare community,

We’ve recently updated the nameservers for our domain “accasupport.eu” from " ns4.infotechna.hu and ns5.infotechna.hu" to “keanu” and “melissa” Cloudflare suggested nameservers at our registrar Gransy s.r.o. in order to use Cloudflare.

However, we are experiencing issues with getting the site active on Cloudflare.

Despite successful updates to the nameservers, Cloudflare can still not verify that the site has been moved. We have waited over 48 hours for the changes to propagate, but we still cannot get the site active on Cloudflare. So, now even on the Cloudflare page, both suggested nameservers are shown to be correct on the old section and it still requests changing them to the same ones.

Can someone assist us with this issue and help us to get the site active on Cloudflare?

Best regards,

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Check Melissa. You forced a new name on the poor thing :wink:


Hello Sandro, thank you for your reply to my question, but can you be more clear on what you mean? that I’ve configured wrong in the “melissa” Coudflare nameserver?

As you can see in the attached screenshot from Cloudflare check it detects that the current nameserver is set to the ones that are requested to remove and then add again the same ones again, which makes no sense!?

Best regards,

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

There is a typo in the melissa name server, specifically Cloudflare is not written correctly.

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That’s unfortunately not the case. You turned Melissa into a semi-toad and I am not sure if she appreciates that, but Cloudflare won’t, hence the request to fix that and the advice to look at the nameservers.

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