Unable to cloudflare cache

I recently switched over to Wordpress 2020 theme. Its been more than a week but my browser is still showing the old Astra theme I had installed on my site. I have cleared all sources of cache like plugins, purge cache from Cloudflare etc.

What could be the possible issue?

I can confirm that Cloudflare is not caching your pages. You might have to check with your host for their suggestions.

If you really want to isolate the problem, use the Cloudflare Overview section and “Pause Cloudflare on Site” in the lower right corner. Wait 5 minutes for it to take effect, then troubleshoot the problem.

I think it is cloudflare cache. When I point my namerserver to my hosting server instead of clouflare, browser starts loading the new theme.

It looks different from the last time I checked, and it sure looks like twenty twenty.

Yes.Its working now. I deleted dns records and added them again. It somehow started working.
Thank you.
Stay home… stay safe :blush:

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I have not added AAA dns record. Would it create any problem. Can you please let tell me what dns records are required?

You don’t need AAAA records if you already have A records. You just need a minimum of one DNS record for each hostname.

Okay. Thanks.

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