Unable to change NS from Cloudflare

Hi, The current NS is with Cloudflare xxxx.ns.cloudflare.com and need to point to another NS.
Had purchased the domain with Cloudflare so Registrar is Cloudflare Inc.
Name Servers are pointing to Cloudflare.
Cannot find or work out how to change NS from Cloudflare point to another NS.
Have set up an 'A Record" but that’s not working either.
Does anyone have a solution, to edit the Cloudflare Name Servers to point to other Name Servers for our website to load???
Thanks in advance.

It’s not possible to change Cloudflare Nameservers on a free plan.

Oh Ok, so have to upgrade to a paid plan?

Once you have Connected it to Cloudflare you cant the Nameserver’s

No , need who’s your host

The host is Cloudflare as the domain was purchased through Cloudflare.

Oh , You can’t add Nameserver’s but you can add DNS Records . Can you tell the hosting name you want to add , like BlueHost , Hostigner

No , Cloudflare is the Regsitar

We have added a ‘Name Service Record’ to point the domain to other nameserver but once we look-up on Whois.com Cloudflare is still showing as NS.

Domains using Cloudflare Registrar must use Cloudflare nameservers. If you need to use external nameservers, then you should transfer the domain to another registrar.