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I recently transferred a domain from one Cloudflare account to another. I am however unable to add the domain to the new Cloudflare account and my registrar’s DomainRobot keeps showing me error message. When trying to add the domain to my old Cloudflare account, it works fine. Even though seven days have passed since I completely deleted the domain from Cloudflare, I am still unable to add it to the new account. DNSSEC is off. Any ideas? Thank you.

DOMAIN: ****.de


RESULT: failed
STID: 2ae2e82d-71dc-11ec-9cd9-49df5e6468bc
ERROR: 53300102912 Nameserver error [ERROR: 901 Unexpected RCODE
(target, entity, RCODE) (/, alex.ns.clouvdflare.com, NXDOMAIN)] The zone has to exist on the new nameservers before you can update them.

                           DOMAIN UPDATE FAILED                              

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Hi @chris_spk,

It’s most likely this:


The NXDOMAIN in the error message makes me wonder if this could be a simple typo? I note that it contains clouvdflare not cloudflare in the nameserver within your error message.


Good catch @lyesbkz, copypaste is your friend when it comes to setting nameservers, maybe is a typo. In this case with a .de domain, I suspect it’s something related to eu registrars wanting to have working nameservers before you’re able to change them to cloudflare nameservers. From https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/205195708-Changing-your-domain-nameservers-to-Cloudflare#434Ce5yZ7oM1ijYPg29SBB, Certain European registrars have a different nameserver registration process. [Contact Cloudflare support](https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/200172476) if you experience issues. Best bet would be to set up working nameservers and working site before adding to cloudflare.

Gosh! Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. :smiley:
Thanks guys.

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