Unable to change name servers after transfering in to CloudFlare

I have a domain that was with Fasthosts for years and I had the name servers (proivded by Cloudflare) set to point to Cloudflare. I recently transfered this domain over to Cloudflare and it is giving me new names servers and telling me I need to change them but I can’t as the domain is now with Cloudflare and I don’t have access to the DNS settings as the domain is still pending according to Cloudflare. I’m stuck in a loop of not being able to fully add my domain to Cloudflare, the transfer was triggered a couple of weeks ago so pretty sure its not a case of waiting it out.

Is there something I need to do to get Cloudflare to recognise that it is now with them and the existing name servers are Cloudflare ones?

Also worth mentioning that whois shows Cloudflare is the registrar for the domain.

It sounds like you’re trying to add the domain to an account other than the one you registered it in. You have to use the domain in the same account you registered it in.

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That makes sense, I do have 2 accounts linked. Is it possible to move the domain from one Cloudflare account to another and if so should I do this before changing the name servers for the domain on the original account.

You cannot do either of those things. When using Cloudflare registrar, you cannot transfer a domain to another Cloudflare account without first transferring the registration to a third-party registrar. It is also not possible to change nameservers when using Cloudflare registrar.

You will need to manage the domain using the account that purchased its registration or grant access to the other Cloudflare account if you want to use it.


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