Unable to change Cloudflare nameservers on new domain

Purchased new domain name with Cloudflare. Went to use the domain name in a ZTNA context, but there is a warning that I need to change my nameservers. I go to manage the domain, but there is no method for changing nameservers. How do I resolve this problem without resorting to a pro plan?

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That is not an option on any level of plan when you you are using Cloudflare registrar. Can you please share your domain name here so the Community can share their observations with you?

Is it possible that you have more than one Cloudflare account and you are trying to configure ZTNA in an account that is not the one that registered the domain?

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Dear Epic,

That is certainly possible. I asked my teammate on the finance side to purchase the domain. I added him to my ZTNA account and asked him to purchase it. I did not think this would generate a new account in his name. I have his full cooperation. How do I move the domain to my account?


You cannot currently transfer domains between Cloudflare accounts without first transferring them to another registrar and back. You may want to look into having your teammate invite you to manage the account that holds the domain registration or perform a three-way email swap to change the account associated with your email address.

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