Unable to change authoritative name servers

I’m trying to activate Cloudflare services, for a domain that I previously used with CF, and which is registered with CF.

The domain’s authoritative DNS points to two of CF’s servers, but the wrong ones, and I need to change them to point to different CF servers.

It’s this screen, that we all have seen before:

… except that Cloudflare also is the registrar, and I can’t find a user-visible way to make the change, for a domain registered here. Any hints on what I’m overlooking?

Is it your own account where you can make changes? If so, update the same in the DNS entry. Please make sure you’ve disabled DNSSEC.
For more guide, dive here:

Unfortunately this is not (yet?) possible when Cloudflare is the registrar. If you still have access to the Cloudflare account the domain is on, you could use that; or contact support and ask them to make the change for you.

He can’t do that because Cloudflare is the registrar.

@i40west Thanks for the information.

I actually opened a ticket first, assuming this indicated something wonky with my account. (Another domain I’ve transferred to CF, the registrar management page is a 404.) The ticket was closed almost immediately, saying that I’m not eligible for support as I don’t pay for CF services. (This is obviously incorrect as I’ve paid for the domain registrations.)

Thank you for confirming that there isn’t an accessible way to update the authoritative DNS for domains registered here. I suppose I will keep opening tickets until someone actually READS them.

When you open the ticket make sure to select Registrar for the “What can we help you with” part. You do pay for that so you get support for it.


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