Unable to cancel domain transfer request

Hi all,

I tried canceling a domain transfer request (to Cloudflare). However, clicking on the ‘cancel request’ button does nothing - the spinner rotates for a couple of seconds and then stops without any action.

I checked Chrome’s console and found the following message:

"result":{"message":"Cannot cancel transfer for this domain (....)"},"success":true,"errors":[],"messages":[]}

I’ve already tried multiple browsers and computers but no luck. I also opened a support ticket, but haven’t heard back anything from the Cloudflare team yet.

Any ideas?

Hi @timuster

If the transfer is in progress, this means that your request has been submitted by Cloudflare to your previous registrar.
In case you confirmed your request to transfer away, please reach out to your previous registrar if you need to stop the transfer process.

Hi @sonia

I believe something has gone wrong (from my existing registrar’s side). It’s about to be over 5 days since Cloudflare submitted the request, and there has been no change on my Cloudflare dashboard. I also do not see the request on my other registrar - I contacted their support and they said that they do not see a pending transfer request on their end.