Unable to cancel Cloudflare Stream billing

Hi, I am unable to cancel my Cloudflare Videos subscription, I removed the video that I uploaded as a test and I’m now trying to cancel my subscription since I won’t be using it anymore but there is no cancellation button.

Huh? Could you provide a full-page screenshot so I can see the rest of the page (just capture your current tab, do not include other open tabs, and be sure to blackout any sensitive information such as credit or debt card numbers)

Can you switch to light mode and see? Sometimes Dark Mode hides critical bits.

Or hover around and see if anything changes.


Here is a light mode of the page.

Click the “Cancel” icon on the subscriptions you wish to cancel (dark mode was hiding the cancel icon)

Yeah, I just tried mine in dark mode and the Cancel links show up. Open a ticket and post the ticket number here as soon as you get the autoreply. @Laurie usually checks through Billing posts and replies to issues such as this.

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Yeah there is still no Cancel button next to Cloudflare Stream or Cloudflare Images, so not sure what Cancel button you want me to press there.

Dark Mode wasn’t hiding the Cancel buttons, it’s just not there.

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Ticket #2294683

Ok, I’ve escalated that ticket number. Someone should check on it this morning.

Hi @asjas,

I have updated your ticket for our team to further escalate this. In the meantime please ensure that you have removed any videos stored and images services that you have set in your account.


Does that mean we can’t cancel until all content is removed? That wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense if there were thousands of files that you wanted to use until the last day – a day that will be spent non-stop clicking or API scripting to delete everything.

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I am checking on the process now since the bundled sub of images/stream is new.

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