Unable to buy domain


I’m trying to buy services such as a new domain however the website will not accept any credit card or PayPal. PayPal errors when you complete the order and the credit card option simply won’t let enter any details. It’s been going on days, should I try a different provider?


Probably related to the following incident. You may wait until it gets resolved. Check the page for further updates:

If not, you may try using other cc or Paypal and give it a try.

I raised a ticket days ago as it suggested in the article and no response, also seems they haven’t update the service status page about the incident since last week and just states 80 percent of accounts are fixed but no ETA for the rest.

Pretty poor customer service all round

I’m the same position, support don’t response to tickets and nothing is acknowledged on here.

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Can you share your ticket number @kev.park

Ah, I see your ticket 3213329 and will flag that for my colleagues. Sorry for the issues.

Hi @kev.park

I have replied to your ticket.

I will close this post as solved, so we will continue in the ticket.

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