Unable to Browse

Currently not able to browse or click on our menu in pageantcentral.co. We’re getting this error.Can you help us out?

Sounds like this is related to Some change on 17th May has broken page navigation.
Can you try clearing your browser cache and see if the problem still happens?

If it still happens after that, disable Cloudflare’s Browser Insights to see if that will fix it.

Disabling Browser Insights solved it. Thank you for that. Do you know why this was the case?

Hello Rob! A fix was rolled out that required purging cache (though it would have worked once the cache expired as well). If you re-enable, does the issue persist?

HI Chris,

Just turned on browser insights, purged cache and the problem is back. I might have leave it off for now

Thanks for the update. I’m checking with the team now to confirm this has been resolved on our end here.

To confirm, you’re getting the same indexOf is not a function error? If you’d like to create a ticket, please feel free. We can investigate further - just please post the ticket number here.

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You should see this working now as another fix has been rolled out. Please let us know if the issue continues.

Hi Chris, thank you. I just tried it and it now works. Thank you for your help =)

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It’s back. I might leave it off for now