Unable to block target countries? help required

I wanna block some countries and follow the instructions but it can’t targeted help me if somebody now the correct answer with eloboratiom? please


Thank you for asking.

Kindly, feel free to share a screenshot of your Firewall Rules for further troubleshooting.

Using Firewall Rules, you can block one or multiple at once using one Firewall Rule as follows in the example from below:

Block one country
The expression should be like:

  • (ip.geoip.country eq "HR")

In picture:

Block multiple countries

The expression should be like:

  • (ip.geoip.country in {"HR" "DE" "GB"})

In picture:

NOTE: If you’re having multiple Firewall Rules, please make sure the above Firewall rule is the 1st from above on the list with the “Block” action.

Helpful article:

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